IAlien Wavelength Solution


Alien Wavelength Solution


Alien wavelength solution will enable a white-box optical ‘peripherals’ ecosystem that allows multiple components to be combined and built into complete solutions. Vendors can focus on building a specific component (e.g. transponder) without having to build a complete solution leading to accelerated innovation and lower costs. Operators will have the freedom to select best-in-class components and avoid vendor lock-in, thereby gaining flexibility as their network needs grow. In this solution, each component can be truly decoupled, making it independent of the manufacturer and independent of the network.us requests and neutralizes the threat by removing it or blocking it.


In terms of management and control decoupling, various components such as OT and OLS connect with the SDN controller through a standard southbound interface to achieve unified reporting of management information and unified delivery of services, achieving rapid service commissioning and decoupling of network.