Compact OTN, Flexible Application


Compact OTN, Flexible Application



General Description


In traditional mobile backhaul network, there is fixed latency for each transmission hop because the structure is usually back to back. In 5G era optical and electrical integrated network should be introduced to mobile bearing network. It can provide a more flattened network, which can effectively reduce the latency. And in 5G era the peak bandwidth for mobile backhaul and fronthaul will be also over 10G. WDM network must sink to the access network to guarantee the bandwidth. Fiberhome can provide the end to end OTN solution from access network to backbone network to meet the large capacity and low latency demands in 5G era.




Solution Introduction & Advantages


Our compact OTN solution can provide larger capacity, multiple service access, and less cascaded equipment, which can help the operator to save CAPEX and OPEX; Compared with 10GE ring or 100GE ring, the capacity will increase 40 times, which can satisfy the bandwidth requirement of XGPON, 5G, data centers and cloud applications; It can also provide multiple service access for enterprise client, such like STM service, FC service, etc., as well as CPRI service access, which unifies fronthaul and backhaul in one box.


We provide various products for access WDM network, the 1U/2U equipment for the access nodes, 3U equipment for the hot area which have more traffic, and 5U equipment for the aggregation sites; U2,U3 and U5 are designed of unified central switch matrix, the VC switch , ODUk switch and packet switch share the same switch unit, any service such like E1,STM-1/4/16/64, GE, 10GE and 100GE access at the client side, OTU2 and OTU4 at the line side;


  • FONST1000 series can provide 100G and ROADM, which help operator build more flexible network with larger bandwidth;


  • FONST1000 U series integrate ‘packet+switch+WDM’ function into one equipment, can help operators to reduce the cascaded equipment, power consumption will be lower than before, and the maintenance cost will also be reduced;


  • FONST 1000 U series provide end to end service, the service access from the customer, and can direct reach to the core sites such like datacenter, the service only need pass through two transponders, and which will pass through more than 4 transponders before.