NG Multi-Service Transport Network Solution


NG Multi-Service Transport Network Solution



General Description


Driven by packetize and ICT informationize construction, business IP trend and network flattening and intelligentialize have become the major problems of operators considering to solve. And meanwhile with the VR/AR, 5G etc. new business arise, the transmission network need to carry diversity types of data with higher requirements such like effectively accessing variety of services, providing high bandwidth, high reliability, low latency fusion transmission technology, and perfectly interworking with the existing SDH/OTN network. Respect to these demands, the industry has begun to launch the converged packet transport network product solution, which is committed to creating a convergent transport network to achieve multi-service accessing, SDNFV technology and meet the future 5G bearing.


Solution Introduction & Advantages


We offer a  packet transport series products CiTRANS 620/640/660/680 since 2008. In 2015, Fiberhome launched next generation full services products CiTRANS 650/690 series, which are positioned as an end-to-end, future-oriented converged transport platform. Our Vendor  won a  high recognition of many customers with leading product solutions and high quality servers, its CiTRANS series products are world widely deployed in 90 countries, 300,000 sets shipment.


CiTRANS 650/690 adopts the industry-leading PKT/VC/ODUk unified cross-connection architecture, supports service rates from 2Mbps to 100Gbps, provide SDNFV and network slicing technology to meet variety of services scenarios, can reduce TCO via flexible operation and maintenance management. CiTRANS 650/690 can interoperate with the existing SDH/OTN network perfectly, dedicating to provide customers a single network with ultra-broadband pipes, ultra-simplified and on-demand delivery.