Enterprise OTN Solution


Enterprise OTN Solution


We offer a full range of equipment that can support end-to-end enterprise private line solutions, including solutions for client-side access, access layer, metro aggregation, and backbone transmission.


Integrated Client Access Solution


The FONST1000 S series is a book-sized OTN-CPE box, but its service access capability is very strong, and it can access various services such as Eth, PCM, TDM, storage, fiber Channel and etc. The uplink port adopts grey optical interface to realize the connection to line side from different manufacturers, supports the standard southbound interface to realize management and control decoupling, and supports ZTP.


Access & DCI Scenario Solution


FONST1000 U series compact OTN equipment has a small size and can access multiple services at the same time. It can support the unified grooming of VC/PKT/ODUk units and realize the convergence of OTN-CPE services on the client side to the metro OTN. For high-speed point-to-point interconnection scenarios between data centers, FONST1000 D series can provide 100G~800G software-definable line rates, and provide high-speed, large-capacity, and low-latency solutions for data center east-west traffic.


Metro & Backbone Transmission Solution


FONST5000 U/UE/N series POTN can provide large-capacity business scheduling, different devices can support different business flows and usage scenarios, can support large-capacity metropolitan area convergence and also support long-distance backbone transmission.